Hedgelaying 2017

A small, but enthusiastic group gathered at Ditchford Far Hill Farm on 25th February 2017 to undertake hedgelaying training.

The session was led once again by Mike Hartnell and John Hall, between them experienced hedgelayers and judges.


Some of the group (above) set about trimming the unwanted side branches from existing hedgerow trees and shrubs. These were later cleared into the ‘corridor’ between the hedge and the field boundary.  There they will provide a useful habitat and hunting ground for small mammals, birds etc.

Other course attendees (below) set about putting points on stakes provided by Mike.


The length of hedge left for laying – our third session at it in recent years – seemed quite daunting, but led by Mike and John our enthusiastic group some made an impact. Clearing out unwanted side branches etc we set about cutting into the main stems to be laid, adding supporting stakes at intervals of approximately a forearm’s length to wind the hedge into.

Gaps which seemed  too wide, miraculously get filled as the hedge is laid down. Once this was achieved along the length of the hedge, we could top off the work by applying the hazel heatherings.  Weaving these along the top of the hedge gives it strength and a better look. Soon the laid hedge will start to grow upwards making the hedge fill out.

imag0465-1280x960dsc_0234-pse-adj-crop-1280x935 Just before the forecast rain came along we completed our task and tidied the site so we could step back and admire our efforts.