Community Orchard Days 2016

On Saturday and Sunday, 8th/9th October the public once again had the opportunity to pick their own apples from a good crop at Barton House Orchard, Cirencester.  Courtesy of Frank and Marilyn Gardner, who personally put up a number of posters in the vicinity of Cirencester Park, people were invited to make a donation to CTWG funds.

The weather was rain free and despite a chill when clouds came over, it was generally ideal conditions for picking. A steady stream occasionally became almost a rush, with many families coming along with children, who almost all seemed to have a good time trying the different apples and helping gather a supply to take home.  It was good to see so many youngsters finding out that apples don’t grow in supermarkets!  A good number of what are, by now, ‘regular customers’ were supplemented by many who had just seen the notices on the street or in the local media.

Our grateful thanks go to Frank and Marilyn for their generosity and also being present for so long through the weekend greeting the public.