AGM & Presentation by Guy Watson 2017

Our AGM, held in the Council Chamber at Cotswold District Council on Thursday 5th October 2017, was well attended. This may have been due to the attraction of a presentation by Guy Watson on the topic Trees – Myth and Reality. A report on Guy’s talk will appear in a future issue of Tree and Leaf.


The Committee and Officers were duly elected:

Chairman                             Mike Hartnell

Vice-Chairman                     Christopher Coghlan

Co-ordinator/Secretary        Ann Jones

Publicity Officer                    Alan Jones

Finance Officer                    Post not filled (volunteer requested – Alan covering temporarily)

Committee members           Diane Cresswell; Clive Hester; Keith Mills;                         John Reynolds


At the meeting Alan and Ann Jones indicated that, for personal reasons concerning family and health, they will be resigning their posts. They would continue in their roles for the next few months but hoped that replacements would be found. (Since the AGM a new committee member, Robert Neal, has been co-opted with a view to working along with Clive Hester and shadowing the roles being vacated by Alan and Ann. A Finance Officer is still needed, someone who operates spreadsheets would be ideal. This is not an onerous post but obviously a necessary one.)